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Chris D., Manager, London


Chris is the current manager of a local pub in London, which has now expanded all within a few months from its pitiful state. With the help of Buy Legit Likes, then a separate entity as Buy Real YouTube views, Chris was able to salvage a pub nearing its end. Now he is a manager as well as a part owner of the pub.

During the initial strike of recession, one of the most affected businesses is the pubs. The credit crisis forced cocktail consumers to tighten their purse and cut their spending. This pushed local pubs to either close or park their booze outside with a low-price hanging on its bottleneck. It was then called "Death of the boozer." One particular pub thrived and tried to take things slowly one day at a time.

Alongside the recession, grew awareness of the existence of social networks, which Chris called a blessing for small businesses. The fast pace of social networking and the population that adds to it every day gave hope to start-ups and little enterprises to have a big presence online compared to offline.


Bringing back the social cohesion in London pubs is the first thing that Chris has envisioned to accomplish. After picking up the bits and pieces of what was left of the pub, Chris worked to build a name on the internet using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Social Cohesion

Chris reverted back to the times where local pubs were the centre of socialization. It is where the working class meets up to share a drink and talks about almost anything. But those days have slowly diminished because of increase taxation on the price on drinks and the lure of cheap alcohol in supermarkets.

Despite the effect of digital evolution, Chris never laid blame to supermarkets or the internet for the fading interest of neighborhoods to their own local pubs. Instead, Chris found a way to follow the trend while incorporating the essence of pubs in the real society.

Chris recreated the atmosphere of social cohesion through a YouTube video reminiscent of the old fun times of drinking with buddies over a game. The YouTube video as expected, did not receive much in the way of views or attention. But despite the disappointing result, Chris persevered to follow through his goal. He was determined to be noticed and get his point across both the young and old generation.

Then he found out about the easiest way to video ad exposure, which is to buy YouTube views. Chris related his experience when he first found out about Buy Real YouTube.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. That was what first came to my mind despite the warring thoughts on my mind about online scams and fraudulent services. Great thing I found Buy Legit Likes first or else I would have been scammed by providers promising the same results that Buy Legit Likes easily accomplishes. You don't really know what you are doing when you are desperate."

Chris bought the 5000 views package to kick start a viral effect for his video. He did not leave everything to chance and also spread the video to various social platforms such as social networks, forums of related niche and blogs. You can say that, Chris is very confident that the video will lure people to call and check out the local pub.

Chris hoped to target not only the locals but the tourists who want to learn about traditional London ways and glimpsed the London of the past.


The London pub in Birmingham that Chris manages is now one of the popular pubs, along with George and Dragon, The Red Lion, The Churchill Arms and The Hope in Surrey. The YouTube views spurred the new found glory of London pubs as many of them are starting taking to YouTube in their attempts at inviting guests to taste their sumptuous meals and belly-filling drinks.

Chris has his hands full with people both tourists and local visiting the pub. The hype of activity kept Chris occupied, leaving him less time to continue promoting the pub online. Thus, Buy Legit Likes and the packages of YouTube views, Twitter followers and Facebook likes, make it possible for him to spend as little time as possible to online promotion, giving him more time spent on entertaining guests.

However, Chris does not take online social engagement lightly, since he knows people are more amenable when entertained. Thus, as much as he can, Chris replies to comments, answers questions and gives feedback to people curious about the pub.


Social media caters to all types of businesses, giving them a chance at targeting a market far out of their reach due to geographical restrictions. With social media, whether a business is a start-up or a worn-down old business lacking in luster like the local London pub that Chris manages.

Marketing strategies, such as when marketers buy YouTube views to boost online presence, will always be available if only one is determined to look. The internet is rich with resources and information that anyone can use for free or in the least possible cost. Its reach is global, delivery is fast and communication is real time. Social media, as part of the World Wide Web has helped in growing businesses.

Buy Legit Likes is a tiny part of the social media spectrum but its impact is larger than any business can imagine. The company helps businesses like Chris' to thrive online while growing themselves. The vision to create a remarkable online marketing experience for businesses remains rooted to every action of the company. For every purchase clients make is the pride that another business is growing because of the services provided.

"Social media marketing with the Buy Real family has surpassed my expectations. I now have more views than ever! Thanks for Buy Legit Likes for driving quality traffic to my YouTube videos."


Heather S., Designer, California


Heather is a freelance video animator who specializes in video advertising. She worked with several companies who needed her skills in graphic design, animation and video editing to launch short clips of animated video advertisements.

Buy Legit Likes is Heather's partner in securing her credibility as a video graphic designer. She referred most of her clients to Buy Legit Likes and encouraged them to buy YouTube views for their video ads to hasten its exposure on YouTube and on search engines.

However, before she achieved her status as a sought-after video ad animator, she struggled to make herself known to the online world. She lacked branding and only few knew of her talents and skills.

The Story:

Heather is constantly online to browse through the rich and extensive collection of designs on the internet. She finds inspiration in other people's work and tries to improve her skills through it. Thus, she is ever grateful to the emergence of the internet. Apart from several web pages, other online platforms she visits daily are social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. She spends most of her time looking for prospects that might need her skill set in graphic design. She was able to contract a few projects but there was none that really showed her full potential. Most of her clients placed restrictions on what she can and can't do, so her creativity was most of the time pushed back and left unutilized. This makes her want to seek more high profile prospects that value a person's creativity, and place trusts that she can deliver great results. However, with these difficult times, even big businesses are wary of contacts and would want to ensure high-quality work.

"I know that taking my word for it is not enough. Clients would want proof of my capacity to bring them what was promised. They need evidence that I am indeed skilled and can satisfy their expectations. I have several portfolios of when I was required to design store signatures, posters, DLEs, emails, courier bags, carry bags, web tags, web pages, advertising material, customer cards and corporate identity. I thought they were enough."

Heather was at a loss, when one of the first high-profile clients she was supposed to have asked her about video editing and video ad animation. She has no experience at all in anything video-wise. Despite her skill and her bagful of creativeness, she knows she won't be able to accomplish such a project at all without at least learning the basic.

For two months, Heather kept herself busy learning about video animation and all other technical aspects of video creation that is relevant to achieve the result that can put her skills in front of future clients.

"I tried to learn fast. I want to see my creation and say it is remarkable. It is a bit ambitious knowing that I am new to the concept of video advertising, but I am always optimistic, and I remain a believer."

Heather learned the five-step process of video animation: script writing, voice over, story board, animation production, and project delivery. She reached out to numerous people to help her create her very first video animation, which promotes her own skills. One can say she is branding herself for future projects.


Heather knew about Buy Legit Likes from the person she paid to do the voice over on her own YouTube video. So without second thoughts, she checked out the website and asked about the services on YouTube.

"It's been two months since I did what considered to be a full-scale project, and I don't think I can wait another month for my YouTube video animation to earn views and get online exposure. I needed the boost immediately so people and my future clients will be aware of my presence, so I bought YouTube views."


Heather bought the cheapest YouTube package that has 5,000 YouTube views for only $12. After two weeks, Heather received a few calls asking if she can do some advertising projects on a product review, an ad series and animated video detailing a service. All of them claimed to have seen the YouTube video and were impressed.

Heather has never run out of projects. Her first YouTube video earned recognition because she had taken the initiative to buy YouTube views.

Heather did not hide the fact that she used the short-cut method to get online exposure. It does not matter if the views are bought, as long as she knows in herself that she got the job because she is great at what she does. This only reveals that she is clever and determined, which reflect positively on her. Most businesses want someone who knows what needs to be done despite the lack of guidance.

When some of her clients asked what strategies she used to market her videos, Heather simply referred them to Buy Legit Likes.


Buy Legit Likes is an instrument for fast online exposure but what made Heather successful are her own skill and determination to learn. Video marketing is a potent method to get a start-up known. YouTube is one of the leading video websites that has launched several nobodies to stardom. Heather took the opportunity to launch her own career in the field of video animation by buying video views. And the fact that she was proud of her ingenuity speaks of her confidence. Heather is one of the most valued clients at Buy Legit Likes.

shannon Shannon P., Marketing Manager, Washington


Shannon is a well-rounded marketing professional who works as a Marketing manager at a Furniture shop somewhere in Washington area. Prior to her job at the furniture shop, she was a marketing manager at a toy store for three years. When she transferred, she brought with her extensive knowledge of customer-focused marketing strategies and process. She is experienced in the field of market research building a concept using available resources.

Internet marketing is not new to Shannon. In fact, she benefited much from online ad placements, which made her decide to encourage the toy store management to create a website and build an online presence through search engine optimization. When social networks started creating hype all over the world, through her competent market research, she came up with an idea to push the store into an advantageous footing using social networks. She left the toy store with satisfactory online visibility status that is enough to gain traffic and sales long term.

Shannon loves a challenge, so she took up the offer of helping out a small furniture shop that is in the brink of bankruptcy. It can be said that Shannon started to build the shop from the ground up; based from its poor state on both offline and online market competition. However, these did not stop problems from assailing Shannon.

Below are problems she encountered in her attempt to bring back the furniture shop to its former glory, solutions she came up with, the results and the role of the Buy Legit Likes team.


The shop barely gets enough funds to support both offline and online marketing plans. Loans are out of the question because there are not enough assets to serve as collateral.


Shannon decided to look for marketing strategies that require fewer funds or are possibly free before she launches a long-term plan of advertising and promotion.

Shannon thought of social networks and social media marketing in an instant. Social networks are free advertising platforms that are proven to be effective in acquiring positive results in terms of traffic and leads. Since she can't handle everything all at once, she had several of the staffs manage social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, while she supervises. However, the shop has no established website, so she targeted presence and sales.

Within two months the furniture shop saw an increase in sales. Social media helped in putting the shop back in the game, although not yet fit to secure a place in the market competition for lack of online hold.


How to grab the attention of the target market and pursue branding despite limited funds.


Shannon came up with an idea to pursue online video marketing using YouTube and Vimeo, for the sake of brand awareness.

Shannon knows the viral capacity of YouTube, and the credibility that Vimeo brings with its strict quality content policy. Based on several studies she read, video is the most engaging online content. Shannon took shots on the best-sellers of the furniture shop and created a video slide show and another video while taking a tour of the showroom.

At first, it was received with less enthusiasm, barely getting any YouTube views at all. So when Shannon used Yahoo Answers and asked how to get YouTube views, she was intrigued by the answer of the first person when she suggested the alternative to buy YouTube views for quick exposure and skyrocketing views.

Shannon ignored the answer and decided to follow through the laborious and painstaking path to getting views. She shared the videos on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, but only a few actually clicked to see the video.

In the interview she said, "I never really thought about such service being possible, not with Google and YouTube being very straitlaced about their policies and terms. So I just passed it along as if it was a prank or a scam that would surely rip me off."


Shannon found it difficult to find a legitimate provider of YouTube views.


Shannon is one of the first ones to sign up for the client portal for convenient purchase and managing of social media products.


Shannon was able to pull the shop up to scratch. Social media marketing, if done right can do half the work in promoting a website, brand, product or service without actually spending too much time and money. Shannon has the advantage of it because of her past experience on social media marketing and her determination to stand up to the challenge and survive. Buy Legit Likes was instrumental in bridging that gap between goal and results. The YouTube views have tremendously helped in putting in the spotlight a once non-existing shop in Washington. Although, Twitter and Facebook marketing played a significant hand in drawing more eyes to the videos, the massive views from Buy Legit Likes were the trigger to get people curious and interested about the product on the video.

Shannon upon learning about other Buy Legit Likes services has also availed of the Twitter follower packages to complement YouTube in marketing.

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